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Fox Burrowed Underneath Your Porch in Columbia, MD?

Foxes like to burrow underneath structures. This includes underneath sheds, porches, and decks. If you’re concerned about a fox on your property in Columbia, MD and need humane removal along with repairs, contact Trappro!

Squirrels in Attic in Germantown, MD

“I have an office upstairs and started hearing scratching above me. I suspected squirrels. Trappro came out after I set up an appointment and assessed our problem. It was indeed squirrels. Traps were set, and over the next three days, 6 squirrels were caught ( and released a far distance from my house). Then an exit only was set up. Finally all entry points and possible entry points and damaged areas were addressed. All very quickly and professionally- with a warranty – and at a reasonable cost.”
– SC in Germantown, MD
Have a suspicion that squirrels have taken over your attic? Call Trappro soon!

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