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Raccoon Intrusion in Clarksville, MD

Seeing damage to your home’s roof line, along with scratching sounds coming from the attic in Clarksville, MD? You may have a raccoon intrusion! Raccoons have amazing climbing abilities and dexterous paws, which allow them to access a number of areas. They typically search for a large, easily accessible opening to gain easy access into roofs, attics, basements, and crawlspaces. Trappro will safely remove the raccoons, clean up the mess and repair the damage to prevent them from reentering. Call us at 301-218-1100!

Squirrel Removal Services in Burtonsville, MD

“From the receptionist to the technicians, everyone I dealt with from Trappro was friendly, extremely knowledgeable, caring toward the animals and myself. They removed a mama squirrel and her juvenile from my kitchen vent and took great care not to hurt the animals. I would recommend them to anyone with a wildlife issue.”
– S.V in Burtonsville, MD

Trust your home in the hands of the professionals! Trappro is committed to providing customer-focused wildlife removal and repairs to homes and businesses. Contact us at 301-218-1100!

Raccoons Entered Your Attic in Annapolis, MD and Need Removal Services?

Hearing strange noises in the attic or scratching in the walls of your crawlspaces at night? Raccoons are nocturnal creatures and love to enter attics, chewing holes and damaging many areas of the roof line. Trappro will resolve your raccoon (or any type of wildlife intrusion), clean up the mess and can complete repairs to prevent animals from reentering your property in Annapolis, MD. Contact us at 301-218-1100!

Squirrels Removed from Attic in Gaithersburg, MD

“We had squirrels and could hear them in our attic. I found Trappro after searching for a wildlife removal company online and contacted them. They set up our appointments and verified everything. We got an assessment and proceeded to get the squirrels evicted and relocated. Then the damage was repaired and extra steps were taken to prevent further intrusions, all at very reasonable rates. Kudos to Trappro!”
– W.C in Gaithersburg, MD

Noises coming from the attic at odd times during the day? Squirrels may have gained access into your home! With many years of hands-on experience in the wildlife service industry, Trappro is committed to professionally and efficiently ridding your home of all invasive wildlife!

Specializing in the Humane Removal of All Nuisance Urban Wildlife in Maryland, DC, & Northern Virginia