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Groundhogs Removed from Outbuildings in Millersville, MD

“Groundhogs have been making tunnels under my barn and in other outbuildings on my property. Trappro came out the same day I called and left 2 traps. They came each day to inspect and left several more traps. Over a period of 10 days, I think they removed 8 groundhogs. We haven’t seen any since, which doesn’t mean we won’t ever see them again given we live on a farm, but for now, the destruction has been stopped. I appreciate their responsiveness and professionalism and the fact that they could be removed and relocated.”
– Millersville, MD

Suspect groundhogs in your shed or outhouse? Trappro takes all necessary steps in order to humanely relocate them. Contact us soon for any animal intrusion issues in 2019!