Problems with Bats in the Attic in Crownsville, MD

“I have had problems with bats in the attic as well as having them find their way from the attic into my screened in porch. I had another pest control company come out about two years ago but they could never find entry points — only evidence they had been in the attic. This problem didn’t go away and in fact, only got worse. After Trappro came to inspect and do the work, they determined it was not only bats, but flying squirrels too. The sealed the entire roofline of the house and ensured that all entry points were closed. So far everything has been quiet and I’m sleeping more comfortably.”
– C.H in Crownsville, MD

Animals are well adapted in obtaining ways to enter homes or businesses. Let Trappro help you defend your property from these unwanted house guests! Contact us at 301-218-1100.

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