Squirrel Removal from Roofing and Walls in Bethesda, MD

“We noticed a strange scratching noise coming from inside the upstairs wall of our house. Within a day of placing traps on our roof, Trappro captured the problem squirrel that had found a way to get through our roof apex and was doing something noisy inside the wall at various times of the day. Their carefully-placed traps also caught another squirrel on the roof that was likely part of the problem. The Trappro technicians were very efficient and professional in all of their dealing with us. I would strongly recommend their services.”
– John in Bethesda, MD

If you’re noticing strange noises in your walls at odd times, it may be an unwanted animal visitor. Let the Trappro team take care of the problem and schedule a first consultation with us at (800) 651-8727.

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