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Baby Raccoons Discovered in Attic & Taken to Rehabilitation Center

From the attic of a Bethesda, MD residence, we removed these baby raccoons and took them to a rehabilitation center. If you suspect a wildlife invasion in your attic or other space in your home and want to ensure 100% humane removal, contact Trappro today! We will also do all we can to clean up after removal and do any repair work needed.


Suspect Bats Are Roosting in Your Attic or Shed?

Did you know that bats only need a hole the size of a quarter to gain entry? Bats love to roost in attics, sheds or barns. Their droppings are extremely hazardous material, and we definitely recommend contacting a professional for removal. We’ve dealt with a variety of bat cases – trapping, removal, clean up, and prevention of future entry. Call Trappro as soon as you can for your bat concerns in Odenton, MD!


Evicting Your Squirrel Intruders

Hearing strange scratching noises in the attic or walls? These are one of the signs that you may have squirrels invading your home! The Trappro team has the experience in investigating squirrel entry in your attic. We will humanely evict the critters, along with repairing any damage that they wreaked. Contact us today for your wildlife removal in Silver Spring, MD!


The Battle Between Homeowners and Squirrels in the Attic

“For about a year, we were having a battle between us and a couple of squirrels who had taken a liking to our attic. We would chase them out and put wire mesh up on the inside where we thought they were coming in. But they would always find a new way to get in. We chose Trappro because of their excellent ratings, their humane trapping and deterrent practices. We’re VERY pleased with the outcome and just wish we had contacted them sooner.” – S.R. in Columbia, MD

Looking for an end to your battle with the squirrels in your attic? Contact Trappro as soon as you can, before they wreak too much havoc in your space!

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