Raccoon Removal and Home Repairs in Rockville, MD

“Trappro came highly recommended by a friend. They were all so nice and easy to work with. Bradley was great – he explained everything and my options to me at the house. The office staff were great in communicating with me for scheduling and billing, and the repair techs did a great job. Could not have been easier. Thank you!”
– L.D in Rockville, MD

We love when our customers recommend our humane animal removal and repair services to their friends and family! If you suspect that a squirrel, raccoon or any animal has intruded on your home, contact Trappro at 301-218-1100!

Raccoons Found an Opening to Your Attic in Jessup, MD

Spring time is just around the corner, and it is core breeding season for raccoons! Raccoons may look for large, accessible openings around the attics or roof line of your home. Trappro will safely remove the raccoons, clean up the mess and can provide repairs to prevent them from reentering. Contact us today at 301-218-1100!

Raccoons Entered Your Anne Arundel County Home?

Hearing things go bump in the night? It may be a nocturnal intruder that you weren’t expecting – raccoons! Raccoons look for accessible openings to gain easy access into attics and basements of the home. In addition to our removal services, our professional technicians will seal up holes in the attic or walls, preventing future re-entry. Contact Trappro at 301-218-1100!

Raccoon Intrusion in Clarksville, MD

Seeing damage to your home’s roof line, along with scratching sounds coming from the attic in Clarksville, MD? You may have a raccoon intrusion! Raccoons have amazing climbing abilities and dexterous paws, which allow them to access a number of areas. They typically search for a large, easily accessible opening to gain easy access into roofs, attics, basements, and crawlspaces. Trappro will safely remove the raccoons, clean up the mess and repair the damage to prevent them from reentering. Call us at 301-218-1100!

Raccoons Entered Your Attic in Annapolis, MD and Need Removal Services?

Hearing strange noises in the attic or scratching in the walls of your crawlspaces at night? Raccoons are nocturnal creatures and love to enter attics, chewing holes and damaging many areas of the roof line. Trappro will resolve your raccoon (or any type of wildlife intrusion), clean up the mess and can complete repairs to prevent animals from reentering your property in Annapolis, MD. Contact us at 301-218-1100!

Strange Noises and Scratching in the Walls May Be a Squirrel or Raccoon!

Hearing strange noises in your home? Scratching in the walls? You may have an animal intruder – possibly a squirrel or raccoon! When you call Trappro, our qualified wildlife service technicians will perform a detailed inspection to reveal the nature of your wildlife intrusion. We will develop the most effective course of action to resolve your problem permanently and complete the needed repairs to prevent future re-entry. Contact us today at 301-218-1100!

Rescued Juvenile Raccoons

Juvenile raccoon rescued by Trappro and then sent to a local wildlife rehabilitator. In Maryland, there is a large network of volunteer wildlife rehabilitators who take care of orphaned, sick or injured wildlife until they can be released safely back to the wild.

Looking for wildlife removal services and repairs for your home or business? Contact Trappro at 301-218-1100!

Trapped and Removed Raccoon in the Attic in Elkridge, MD

“With the rude realization that there was something alive in my attic and trying to get my attention by jostling my kitchen ceiling fan, I quickly found Trappro and hired them to do the trapping and repairs. They discovered a snake skin, mouse droppings and evidence of a raccoon in the attic, along with a large busted gable vent not easily seen from the ground. They trapped the raccoon and then came back to seal each and every open crevice on my home. They did a great job. The repairs were done and I could easily see that they had been done well.”
– S.D in Elkridge, MD

Don’t want to investigate the odd noises in your attic for fear of what wildlife may be sheltering in your home? Don’t worry – the Trappro team is ready to help! We will safely and effectively remove your animal issue, along with completing any repairs and sealing needed after for prevention of future intrusions. Contact us at (800) 651-TRAP (8727)!

raccoon in attic elkridge, md

Raccoons and Birds Intrusion in Olney, MD Home

“We had a number of problems (raccoons and birds) and the Trappro team went above and beyond. They quickly identified the problems and were clear and thorough in the solutions. We interacted with the professionals on the team and they were all great, no-nonsense, and easy to work with. I don’t expect we’ll have any problems again any time soon, but we will call them again if and when we do.”
– Tina T. in Olney, MD

Need a solution for multiple wildlife intrusion issues in your home? Call Trappro at (800) 651-TRAP (8727)!

Wildlife Intruding on Your Holiday Joy?

Hearing scratching and other odd noises in the walls or crawlspaces of your Elkridge, MD home? Don’t let your holidays be ruined by your animal intruder! The Trappro team will come out, investigate, and develop an action plan for humane removal and repairs to prevent re-entry. We have experience dealing with a variety of wildlife intrusions: squirrels, raccoons, snakes, bats, mice, and more! Schedule our services at (800) 651-TRAP (8727).

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