Snakes in Olney, MD Crawlspace

Snakes can get into crawlspaces, basements or sheds. We’ll humanely remove any snakes that somehow gained entry into your home. The snake skins or any other messes that they leave will also be cleaned up by the Trappro team, along with repair of entryways created by them. Trappro covers all aspects of wildlife removal in Olney, MD. Contact us soon!

Squirrels in Your Laurel, MD Attic

If you’re hearing scratching noises in the attic, it’s possible that a squirrel gained entry. There doesn’t need to be a preexisting hole or gap for squirrels to enter your home – these critters can chew an entry hole through any structure. We’ll humanely trap the squirrels, remove them, and repair any holes or mess they made in your Laurel, MD attic. Contact Trappro soon!

Groundhogs Underneath Your Porch or Shed in Bethesda, MD

Are there noises coming from your shed, but nobody’s in there? Don’t worry, it’s not a ghost! It might be a groundhog. Groundhogs can burrow underneath sheds and porches. If you and your family need wildlife removal, call Trappro at 1-800-651-TRAP (8727)!

Rodent Problem Returning in Silver Spring, MD?

Did you think that your rat or mice issues were gone, but see evidence that they’ve returned? Rodent droppings visible on the floors and counters? End your frustrations and call in the Trappro team! Our technicians will be able to seal up areas around the porch and home where rats or mice have entered the home. Contact us today for your rodent removal in Silver Spring, MD!

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