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Bats AND Flying Squirrels in Your Attic?

“I have had problems with bats in the attic as well as having them find their way from the attic into my screened in porch. I had another pest control company come out about two years ago but they could never find entry points — only evidence they had been in the attic. This problem didn’t go away and in fact, only got worse. After Trappro came to inspect and do the work, they determined it was not only bats but flying squirrels too. So far, everything has been quiet, and I’m sleeping more comfortably.”
– A.L in Columbia, MD

Suspect bats or other flying creatures in your attic? Call Trappro at (800) 651-8727!

Prevention of Future Wildlife Intrusions

Do your animal intruders keep coming back after you think the problem is resolved? Trappro specializes in not only animal removal, but also prevention of future wildlife intrusions! We’ll locate all possible entry ways and repair any damage the animal has done to your home in Millersville, MD. Contact Trappro soon!

Raccoon Family in the Attic in Millersville, MD

“It could not have gone better. Although a trap was baited and set up on the roof, it was not needed. The rep encouraged the mother to move her babies on her own by spraying male raccoon scent into the attic. (Mothers with babies want to be far from the males as they may harm the young.) Mama spent 2 days moving young to a new more appropriate (woodland) home and then, once confirmed that she was no longer using the roof entrance she had found and enlarged, we had repairs done to seal the areas. All the staff of Trappro were all great to work with.”

– N.L in Millersville, MD

Have raccoons or other wildlife nesting in your attic, that you wish to get rid of humanely? Contact Trappro at 1-800-651-8727!

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