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Trained in Odor Removal for Your Animal Intrusion in Potomac, MD

Did you know that along with removal of the intruding animal in your home, we are also trained in odor removal? After the animal is humanely trapped and removed, what is left behind may be even worse – droppings, animal carcasses, excretions, nesting material, and more. Trappro will perform a comprehensive inspection of the area and tackle all of the needed cleanup and repairs in Potomac, MD. Contact us at (800) 651-TRAP (8727) or fill out our email request form here:

Trapped and Removed Raccoon in the Attic in Elkridge, MD

“With the rude realization that there was something alive in my attic and trying to get my attention by jostling my kitchen ceiling fan, I quickly found Trappro and hired them to do the trapping and repairs. They discovered a snake skin, mouse droppings and evidence of a raccoon in the attic, along with a large busted gable vent not easily seen from the ground. They trapped the raccoon and then came back to seal each and every open crevice on my home. They did a great job. The repairs were done and I could easily see that they had been done well.”
– S.D in Elkridge, MD

Don’t want to investigate the odd noises in your attic for fear of what wildlife may be sheltering in your home? Don’t worry – the Trappro team is ready to help! We will safely and effectively remove your animal issue, along with completing any repairs and sealing needed after for prevention of future intrusions. Contact us at (800) 651-TRAP (8727)!

raccoon in attic elkridge, md

Bird Intrusions in Your Glen Burnie, MD Home?

Have birds come and gone through your homes’ soffits/roof line or dryer vent, leaving behind damage and their nesting materials? The skilled, trained staff at Trappro will safely and effectively perform repairs and cleanup maintenance after an animal intrusion! We also have prevention services where we will develop a plan so that the animals do not return.

For your concern about bird intrusions or any other wildlife issue, contact us at 800-651-8727 or fill out our online form here:

bird intrusions in glen burnie, md

Repairs After Bird Intrusion in Eaves of Rockville, MD Home

“Trappro was wonderful. The technician who came out was very nice, courteous and professional, a Pro. He took care of my issue with birds in my eaves. Thankfully, no nest was found. He repaired the problem and repair was well-done and secured. Price was affordable. I highly recommend Trappro Humane Wildlife and I will call them again if I need help with wildlife and will recommend them to all my neighbors. Thank you!”
– J.B in Rockville, MD

Have the birds or animals that were nesting in an area of your house left, but the damage and hazardous materials left by them remain? For your wildlife or bird intrusion repairs, contact the professionals at Trappro today at (800) 651-TRAP (8727)!

Wildlife Removal and Repairs Needed This Spring in Rockville, MD?

Had an animal issue that went away during the Winter? The warmer temperatures of the Spring season may welcome animal intruders back into your home. Birds nesting in your vents or mice finding entry into your space? The specialists from Trappro are ready to handle any wildlife removal that your household in Rockville, MD needs! We are your trained and experienced humane animal removal specialists. Call us at (800) 651-TRAP (8727).


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