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Holes Near Your Gutters and Along Your Roof Line

Hearing noises and scuttling sounds in the house at odd hours? Scratching sounds inside the walls or holes near your gutters and along your roof line? You may have an animal visitor! Schedule with the Trappro experts! Our team specializes in humane animal removal and permanent repair services to prevent future re-entry by the animal intruder whether it be birds, squirrels, raccoons, bats, etc. Contact us at (800) 651-TRAP (8727) or visit contact page:

Damaged Roof Line Can Be Possible Entryway for Birds and Bats

Damaged areas around the roof line of your Gambrills, MD home may offer themselves as a possible entryway for squirrels, birds, bats and other wildlife. Animals are adept in finding ways to enter your home or business. Our skilled, trained specialists at Trappro will establish a plan for humane removal of the wildlife, followed by permanent and warranted repairs of the damaged areas. Call us at (800) 651-TRAP (8727)!

roofline entry for birds maryland

Nesting Material Around Roof Line of Annapolis, MD Home

While inspecting a home in Annapolis, MD for their bird intrusion, we found nesting material along the roof line. Our skilled, trained technicians will thoroughly inspect the area, develop a solution, and repair and seal all openings to prevent future access. Call Trappro at (800) 651-TRAP (8727) today to resolve your bird or other wildlife intrusion!

Opening on Exterior of Home Can Become An Animal Entryway

Even the smallest opening on the exterior of your home can be chewed through and used as an entryway for animals. Our technicians are skilled and trained in humane wildlife removal, cleanup of hazardous materials leftover, odor removal, and more. Hearing strange noises coming from the attic or crawlspace and suspect it’s an animal intrusion? Call Trappro at (800) 651-TRAP (8727) to put a safe, effective removal plan into action!

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