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Strange Noises and Scratching in the Walls May Be a Squirrel or Raccoon!

Hearing strange noises in your home? Scratching in the walls? You may have an animal intruder – possibly a squirrel or raccoon! When you call Trappro, our qualified wildlife service technicians will perform a detailed inspection to reveal the nature of your wildlife intrusion. We will develop the most effective course of action to resolve your problem permanently and complete the needed repairs to prevent future re-entry. Contact us today at 301-218-1100!

Squirrels Removed From Home in Millersville, MD

“Trappro removed squirrels which we discovered came in through one of our exterior vents. Traps were set up and checked on regularly until it was confirmed that the squirrels were gone. Repairs were then completed, and all entry points were secured to ensure that they wouldn’t come back. Highly recommend them!”
– D.W in Millersville, MD

Have squirrels or other wildlife running through your attic and home? Call in the removal and repair specialists at Trappro! Contact us today at 301-218-1100.

Animals Using Your Home for Shelter This Season?

Animals using your home for shelter this season? Don’t manage the wildlife removal alone! Our staff has 150 years of hands on experience in the wildlife service industry and are trained and certified in the removal of: raccoons, squirrels, skunks, beavers, opossums, groundhogs, bats, mice, birds, snakes, rats, feral cats, foxes, and more. We will also repair the damaged areas, as well as re-insulate any disturbed attic space. Schedule an appointment with a Trappro professional at 301-218-1100!

Squirrels Removed from Home in Bethesda, MD

“We had squirrels. I could hear them in our attic. I contacted Trappro and set up our appointments and verified everything on the phone. We got an assessment and proceeded to get the squirrels evicted and relocated. Then we proceeded to get damage repaired and took steps to prevent further intrusions. All at very reasonable rates. Kudos Trappro!”
– A.D in Bethesda, MD
We’re glad when customers can attest to the efficacy of our services! If you suspect that an animal has gained entry into your home this season, don’t hesitate to call Trappro at 301-218-1100!

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