Bird’s nest in the duct

July 15, 2016

“We live in Baltimore. Birds have nested in the duct leading from a bathroom exhaust fan to the exterior. The nest appears to be on the fan itself which is about 20 feet from the exterior wall. The only access is through a 12 x 24 opening in a closet ceiling. I believe the birds are gone, but the nest material needs to be removed because it impedes the fan function. Also, a new louvered cover needs to be installed on the exterior wall where the vent comes out. Are you interested in this type of job?”

Yes, TRAPPRO can take care of this job, from start to finish. We can provide humane bird removal, clean up the mess, and install vents and covers.

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Creatures in the Attic or Wall

July 12, 2016

“I’ve been hearing scratching noises in the attic from my bedroom ceiling and wall. The exterior air vent has been bent. I’d like it if you can give me an estimate on removal and prevention (screens on the vent)? Please contact me and let me know my options with you.
Thank You. Waldorf, Maryland”

At TRAPPRO we get a lot of these type of calls, and it is very often squirrels in the attic. Or Squirrels in the wall. We can provide humane removal, and we can do everything necessary to clean up the mess and make your house like new again.

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“Now they have babies!”

July 8, 2016

Every day, we’re contacted to assist with wildlife removals all over the Washington D.C. region. We just received this message:

“I have groundhogs under my porch and no matter what I put down, it doesn’t get rid of them. Now they have babies. Fort Washington, Maryland”


$25 OFF !!

January 13, 2016

The cold weather has officially hit – those unwanted critters are going to be finding their way in where it’s warm!!! Schedule your inspection at the 1st sign of activity! Be sure to mention this post by January 31st and receive $25 off of trapping/repairs!!!!

Baby Squirrels Removed From Wall

December 30, 2015

These are baby squirrels that were removed from the inside wall of a home. Make sure to call Trappro for all your animal invasion needs, repairs and more.

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