Reviews tell the story…

“I live in a tall town house which needed a sixty foot ladder to access the problem area. After getting four companies who advertise their ability to deal with my issue, it was clear to me that there was only one who took the time to properly diagnose the problem and offer a solution that was sensible and effective. The others were bug exterminators posing as animal removal experts. They did not even go on the roof to determine what the issue was. It was like they were guessing. The one that was likely most suited spent the majority of time trying to sell me unneeded environmental services. Do yourself a favor, maybe pay a little more and hire the real experts…”  Alexandria, Virginia


Squirrels in the attic!

We get many notes like this:

My name is Anna and I’d like to obtain an estimate. I have squirrels in the attic. They’ve been going in and out for years. I’m sure damage has been caused so I would like to fix any of this issues too. Thanks so much! Baltimore, Maryland

Trappro will humanely remove the animals, and can also fix the damage to your home.

Before You Sign…

Ask before you sign! One difference between TrapPro and Pest Management companies is that we will trap and remove the wildlife. Pest management uses poison bait to kill them. Their fees don’t always include carcass removal, or repairs.

Second Estimate

We will gladly give you a 2nd estimate so you can compare services with other trapping and removal companies.

Raccoon in the Attic!

“Racoon in attic. I need an estimate for removal and repair including replacement of insulation and repair to siding.” – At TrapPro, we do all of that. We are your one-stop shop for invasive wildlife management!

Fox Sightings

“There have been several fox sightings in the closed senior community that have the residents concerned. We, the mgmt company, need to have them removed as soon as possible.” – In general, foxes aren’t a problem, but if they are getting too close, too frequent, or are calling damage, call us and we can relocate them to a better environment.

Discount Alert!

Do You Hear Noises In The Attic? Scratching In The Walls? We Remove Unwanted Critters!

Humane Wildlife Removal ~ $25 Off Animal Trapping

Bump in the Night

Does this sound like something you heard over the holidays?

“Something is in the attic of the house my parents house. I hear them scratching and paddling around fairly frequently and nearly constantly at night. Over the past two days it also sounds as if they are wreaking havoc on our chimney.”

This is the indication of a squirrel infestation. Call us to contain and remove them before the y cause more damage!


Cozy Critters

When it’s this cold out, and the snow starts falling, you want to run inside where it’s warm and dry, to get cozy from the snow. So do the critters you see scurrying about before the storm. If their idea of a cozy place is in your home, call us to help them find a more suitable location!


Specializing in the Humane Removal of All Nuisance Urban Wildlife in Maryland, DC, & Northern Virginia