Strange Noises in the Walls at Odd Hours?

“We keep hearing scratching sounds inside the walls and the sound of animal(s) scurrying about. It’s usually worse in the early hours of the morning between 5 and 7:30am. At first we thought it may be rats, but this animal is much bigger than a rat. We’re afraid it’ll damage pipes inside the walls of the bathroom and eventually destroy the dry wall in the other rooms if we keep it around. We also need to find the opening in this building and seal the entrance so this animal and others like it can’t return. Hope you can help.” –  Columbia, MD

Hearing strange noises in the walls at odd hours? Your home may be housing an animal intruder. Don’t worry – we will humanely remove them, repair the damages, and seal any entrances that they may have come in through. Call Trappro today!

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