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Family of Birds In Your Dryer Vent? Trappro Will Take Care of It!

“A bird got in my dryer vent and nested before I knew it was there. The bird and two of the babies fell down beside the actual dryer, still in the venting. I called Trappro and was immediately scheduled within 24 hours. The technician called the next day and was available to come a little early, if I could support the appointment. He was professional, informative, and very kind to the birds who lived through the experience. I really appreciated the politeness of the person that schedule the appoint and the technician. The service work was great and I knew what was going on the entire time. Now my vent is bird free, cleaned out, and I even have a warranty for their work including pest recently for ten years.” – Columbia, MD

Call Trappro today for your bird removal! A technician will be out at your earliest convenience and will put together a plan for 100% humane removal and clean up after.

Nocturnal Animals in Your Annapolis, MD Attic?

Hearing noises in the attic, specifically during the night time? It could be a nocturnal animal such as a raccoon or flying squirrel! If you suspect an animal snuck its way into your home in Annapolis, MD, contact Trappro today! Well humanely trap the animal, repair any damages it may have caused, and also cleanup afterwards.

Is Your Family Hearing Noises Coming from the Attic in Scaggsville, MD?

“My daughters told me that from their bedrooms, they can hear noises above them that seem to be coming from the attic. It’s making everyone in the house on edge and we suspect that it may be raccoons or squirrels that got in through our roof. Could someone come out to investigate?”
– Scaggsville, MD

Think that there may be raccoons wreaking havoc in your attic? Trappro will humanely trap them and do any repairs or cleanup needed after. Call Trappro at 800-651-8727!

Squirrels in the Walls or Attic in Annapolis, MD?

Hearing strange sounds in the walls, floors or attic of your Annapolis, MD house? Our technicians are experts in trapping squirrels that have gained access to your attic, walls, roofs, chimneys of house, shed or other areas of your home. Squirrels will be trapped and removed, and their nests, droppings and other messes leftover will also be safely removed. Call Trappro today!

Opossums in Your Silver Spring, MD Residence?

Suspect there’s an opossum in your house? Our professional trappers will seal up holes in attic or walls including fireplaces and vents where opossum have entered the home. Trapping and exclusion of opossum is available for homeowners and business owners in Silver Spring, MD. Call Trappro today!

A Happy, Critter-Free Home in Columbia, MD

“Trappro resolved an issue for me before with mice. This time when I called them, I had a squirrel problem. The technician inspected my attic and found that I also had a bat infestation. They trapped my critters and relocated them, which made my family happy. They also repaired my roof and gave me a 5 year guarantee on the repairs. I didn’t have to do anything! They are the best in pest control.” – Columbia, MD

Whether it’s mice, squirrels, bats or any other critter, Trappro will take care of your wildlife removal. Our techniques are 100% humane and after trapping, we release the animal safely into the wild. Call today!

Spot Damage on the Outside Structure and Suspect Mice?

One of the most common groups of animals that find its way in your home during the Springtime are rats and mice. They can squeeze through open or damaged sewer systems, holes in the foundation or unscreened vents. Our removal process includes monitoring and maintaining traps and sealing up possible entry ways. We will then release them safely back into the wild. Call Trappro today for humane wildlife removal in Silver Spring, MD!

We Also Offer Repair and Prevention Services After Animal Removal!

Our services do not end with just the removal of the animal in your home – we will also repair any damages done to your home by the animal, re-insulate attic areas, install concrete footer to prevent animals from burrowing back into your home, replace and disinfect vents, and more! We consider all areas of need after humane removal of the invasive critter in your Annapolis, MD home. Call Trappro today!

Strange Noises Coming from the Attic during Day and Night Time?

“We have been hearing scampering in our attic space where heavy winds tore off the gutter on the side of our house. It sounds like a squirrel or possibly a raccoon. We usually hear the noise during the day and at night too.” – Bethesda, MD

Hearing noises coming from the attic at random times during the day? If you suspect there may be animals in your home, contact Trappro today!