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Strange Noises Coming from the Attic during Day and Night Time?

“We have been hearing scampering in our attic space where heavy winds tore off the gutter on the side of our house. It sounds like a squirrel or possibly a raccoon. We usually hear the noise during the day and at night too.” – Bethesda, MD

Hearing noises coming from the attic at random times during the day? If you suspect there may be animals in your home, contact Trappro today!

Chirping Noises Coming from Your Chimney in Crofton, MD?

Hearing chirping sounds coming from your chimney? It’s possible that a bird has made your chimney its home because it provides a safe, warm place for their babies. Most birds are federally protected and cannot be moved; however, we can set an “exclusion trap” which is a one-way door where once the animal comes out of the enclosed area, it cannot come back in.

Trappro has many years of experience in humane wildlife removal – contact us today and we will plan a clean and safe way to remove critters from your home in Crofton, MD.

Humane Squirrel Trapping and Prevention of Future Entries in Clarksville, MD

“Trappro showed up on time and were very professional. After arriving, the technician placed and monitored the traps. They left me a report detailing that they trapped 3 squirrels and then offered to seal the hole permanently. I haven’t had a problems since then. I recommend them highly!”

– Clarksville, MD

If you have a squirrel or other wild animal invasion issue, Trappro will have the solution for humane removal. Call today!


We Provide Humane Trapping for a Variety of Animals in Odenton, MD

We provide humane trapping of squirrels, flying squirrels, opossums, raccoons, beavers, birds (including pigeons), bats, groundhogs, skunks, foxes, mice, rats, snakes, and feral cats. Our technicians are trained in clean up after, including removal of odor, debris, droppings, birds’ nesting material, and more. If you need any of those services or more in Odenton, MD, call Trappro today!

Inspecting Animal Entrance in Roof in Columbia, MD

“I recently noticed an opening in my roof, about a couple of inches in diameter, just enough for a squirrel or bird to squeeze through. I’d like for someone to come out for an inspection and a plan for trapping to solve the possible animal invasion and prevent future problems.” – Columbia, MD

Notice some roof damage from an animal and unsure about next steps? Call Trappro today and we’ll send someone from our team to check it out!

animal entrance columbia, md

Animals Underneath Your Porch in Crofton, MD

Springtime is approaching, and soon you’ll be preparing the patio for when your friends and family can spend time outdoors again. If you’re hearing noises underneath the porch or see damage, it could be a raccoon or other wild animal! If you suspect that an wild animal is making a home underneath your porch in Crofton, MD, call Trappro today and we’ll come up with a solution for humane removal!


Critters in the Attic of This Home in Annapolis, MD

“I had critters in my attic. An estimator came out to assess the scope of the work, sent me an estimate and scheduled a day for the work to be done. He put a trap in the hole so that any animals still in there would be able to get out without any new ‘guests’ arriving. He was friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. Another technician came to remove the trap and fix the hole. He also was friendly, professional and efficient. I haven’t heard a ‘peep’ since!” – Annapolis, MD

Trappro wants the entire animal removal process to be as efficiently and professionally as possible. If you suspect there are wild animals in your attic or any other part of your home, call us today!

Humane Trapping for Mice and Rats in Rockville, MD Residence

“I just purchased a home, and despite nothing showing up during the inspection, there appear to be mice and rats. I caught both in snap traps last week after hearing chewing in the walls so I know they’re here. It is time to bring in the pros! I have a dog and the vet said absolutely no poison, so I am looking for a service that will use exclusion, trapping, and other poison-free methods.” – Rockville, MD

While planning the removal of wildlife from your home, we always make sure to choose a method that you’re comfortable with. We specialize in humane trapping and prevention of future animal invasions. Call Trappro today!

Birds Nesting in Your Kitchen Vent in Odenton, MD?

Hearing strange noises in your vents? We’ve had cases where birds set up their nests in bathroom and kitchen vents. If you suspect that your vents in Odenton, MD may be housing birds, contact Trappro today! We’ll remove the birds and their nests, and also clean and disinfect the area after removal. We will also create a plan to prevent future bird invasions.