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Humane Trapping for Mice and Rats in Rockville, MD Residence

“I just purchased a home, and despite nothing showing up during the inspection, there appear to be mice and rats. I caught both in snap traps last week after hearing chewing in the walls so I know they’re here. It is time to bring in the pros! I have a dog and the vet said absolutely no poison, so I am looking for a service that will use exclusion, trapping, and other poison-free methods.” – Rockville, MD

While planning the removal of wildlife from your home, we always make sure to choose a method that you’re comfortable with. We specialize in humane trapping and prevention of future animal invasions. Call Trappro today!

Birds Nesting in Your Kitchen Vent in Odenton, MD?

Hearing strange noises in your vents? We’ve had cases where birds set up their nests in bathroom and kitchen vents. If you suspect that your vents in Odenton, MD may be housing birds, contact Trappro today! We’ll remove the birds and their nests, and also clean and disinfect the area after removal. We will also create a plan to prevent future bird invasions.

Excellent Customer Service Helped Catch This Raccoon Underneath a Porch!

“The trapper came out around the same time each day. His friendliness likely caused the capture of the animal. In conversation, he learned the raccoon had eaten candy out of our garbage. He brightened after receiving this information, added candy to the trap as bait, and the raccoon was captured shortly thereafter.” – Crofton, MD

For us, customer service is key! In this case, it helped in the capture of a raccoon underneath a porch. We like to learn every detail about your case, assess, and plan for the animal’s removal and prevention of future animal break-ins! Call Trappro today!

Rodents Under the Dishwasher and Stove in Baltimore, MD

“My family and I are hearing loud scratching in the walls and many rodents running around the kitchen/bathroom ceilings. We’ve spotted rats coming from under the dishwasher and stove. Have covered most areas we could find, but it’s still a very bad problem. Please help!”
– Baltimore, MD

Suspect that rats or mice may be seeking shelter in your home? It’s tricky finding all the possible entry ways, but we have the experience in trapping rodents and sealing any openings around the house that they may have come in through. Call us today to plan your rodent removal and prevent future invasions!

Squirrels in Odenton, MD Roof Were Removed and Entry Points Sealed

“We had squirrels in our flat-topped roof. Trappro trapped and removed the animals humanely, and kept the traps up long enough (with frequent checks by their staff) to make sure all the animals were out, and they used a couple of different techniques to make sure there was no more traffic in and out of the roof. They also installed new trim that will ensure no animals can get in again.” – Odenton, MD

The Trappro team will do all that we can to humanely trap the wild animals in your home, fix any possible entry points, and prevent their re-entry. Call today!

Tricky Raccoon in the Roof Addition of Edgewater, MD Home

“I am having a problem with a raccoon that has been living in the roof of our addition. We have tried sprays and a trap but so far the raccoon has eaten the bait and let itself out and we caught a squirrel. Can you help us begin a plan for this raccoon’s removal? Thanks!” – Edgewater, MD

Have a tricky raccoon in your roof? We’ll help catch the critter humanely and release him back into the wild. We’ll also repair the damage to any outside structures or the insulation.

Squirrels Chewed Through Roof in Annapolis, MD

Squirrels have chewed through a customer’s newly replaced fascia just below the shingles on the roof of a home in Annapolis, Maryland prior to Trappro services. Call us today for humane removal of wild animals in your home and repair for the roof or insulation damage that they’ve made.