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Mice Returning to Your Columbia, MD Home?

“We had a mouse issue a couple of months ago that we thought had been resolved by the pest company we called in. However, it seems that some new mice have found their way into our kitchen. It startles me to see one run from the counter to behind the refrigerator in the mornings. Please help!”

– A.C. in Columbia, MD

Thought your mouse problems were gone for good but now they’re returning? The Trappro team thoroughly assesses each pest case, develops a plan for humane trapping, and also thinks of prevention and repair after. Contact us today!

Damage or Cracks in Roofing in Silver Spring, MD?

Noticing damage or cracks in your roofing in Silver Spring, MD? It could be from an animal gaining entry into your attic. If you’re nervous to investigate on your own, call Trappro today! We’ll send out a technician who will develop the best plan in humane removal, prevention of future entry, clean up, and repairs.

Bat Removal in Clarksville, MD

“Trappro was great! They worked on getting rid of our bat problem until they were completely gone. The second time they came back they worked with no charges to us and remedied the problem. They were extremely professional and I would highly recommend them to anyone with wildlife issues invading their home space. Thanks again Trappro.”
– D.M. in Clarksville, MD

Whether it’s bats, squirrels or raccoons in the attic, Trappro gets the job done! Contact us today about your humane wildlife removal and repairs to prevent further entry into your home.

Small Animals Getting Into Attic in Crofton, MD

“Trappro came in and helped us seal areas around the attic so small creatures (bats and squirrels) could not enter. The staff was professional and did an excellent job of keeping the worksite clean. They set an exit trap for any wildlife visitors to leave and not get back in. We highly recommend Trappro and would use them again!” – Crofton, MD

Worried about tiny critters getting into your attic via small openings? Trappro technicians are familiar with the typical entry ways that bats and squirrels go through and will humanely remove any wildlife in your attic and prevent a second entry. Contact us today!

Squirrels and a Mystery Animal in Odenton, MD Attic

“We believe there may be two squirrels in the attic and would like to request humane removal of them. Also, there may be another animal up there, but we are unsure. Could someone please come out soon to investigate? Thank you!”
– Odenton, MD

Our technicians have years of experience investigating attics and any enclosed spaces that you believe may have been invaded by wildlife. We will also let you know of any needed repairs! Contact Trappro today!

Family of Birds In Your Dryer Vent? Trappro Will Take Care of It!

“A bird got in my dryer vent and nested before I knew it was there. The bird and two of the babies fell down beside the actual dryer, still in the venting. I called Trappro and was immediately scheduled within 24 hours. The technician called the next day and was available to come a little early, if I could support the appointment. He was professional, informative, and very kind to the birds who lived through the experience. I really appreciated the politeness of the person that schedule the appoint and the technician. The service work was great and I knew what was going on the entire time. Now my vent is bird free, cleaned out, and I even have a warranty for their work including pest recently for ten years.” – Columbia, MD

Call Trappro today for your bird removal! A technician will be out at your earliest convenience and will put together a plan for 100% humane removal and clean up after.

Nocturnal Animals in Your Annapolis, MD Attic?

Hearing noises in the attic, specifically during the night time? It could be a nocturnal animal such as a raccoon or flying squirrel! If you suspect an animal snuck its way into your home in Annapolis, MD, contact Trappro today! Well humanely trap the animal, repair any damages it may have caused, and also cleanup afterwards.