Squirrels Built a Nest Above Bedroom Ceiling in Millersville, MD

“Squirrels burrowed into my gutters and made a hole in my bedroom ceiling while building a nest. Trappro set humane traps on the roof and removed two squirrels. A few days later, I saw a squirrel on my roof, trying to get inside again. I called Trappro. They came out a second time, no charge to me, and set more traps. They again checked the traps daily. Everyone who came out was very helpful and well informed. Friendly, personable employees.”

– Linda A. in Millersville, MD

Have squirrels made their way into your home or you suspect that they are trying to find a way in? Our skilled, trained team will expertly respond to any nuisance or animal emergency! Contact us at 301-218-1100.

Bat Removal This Spring in Montgomery County, MD

It’s finally Spring, and it is breeding season for bats. Do you suspect that a bat may have gained access to your wall, house, shed or any other part of your home? Since bats are federally protected and their feces is hazardous material, it may be difficult to manage their removal on your own. Trappro are the experts that you need for your bat removal, repairs and cleanup! After removal, we will clear any droppings or messes left behind. Contact us today at 301-218-1100.

Squirrel Removal, Sealing and Repairs in Poolesville, MD

“Excellent service! I thought I had rats, but Trappro determined it was a squirrel. They sealed openings with the proper sealant, placed traps on the openings that would allow the squirrel to get out but not back in. Once the squirrel was out, they removed the trap and properly sealed the opening. Highly recommend them and would use them for any future infestations!”
– A.R in Poolesville, MD

Hearing noises in your home, but afraid of what animal intruder you may discover? Our team will find out what has entered your home, develop a plan for removal, and also complete any needed repairs. Contact Trappro at 301-218-1100!


Years of Experience with Squirrel Removal and Repairs

Hearing noises and scratching sounds coming from the attic or inside of the wall? It’s possible your home intruder may be a squirrel! They are the most intrusive and territorial nuisance wildlife. The staff at Trappro has many years of experience dealing with squirrel removal and the needed repairs after to prevent them from coming back into your home. Contact us at 301-218-1100!

Raccoon Removal and Home Repairs in Rockville, MD

“Trappro came highly recommended by a friend. They were all so nice and easy to work with. Bradley was great – he explained everything and my options to me at the house. The office staff were great in communicating with me for scheduling and billing, and the repair techs did a great job. Could not have been easier. Thank you!”
– L.D in Rockville, MD

We love when our customers recommend our humane animal removal and repair services to their friends and family! If you suspect that a squirrel, raccoon or any animal has intruded on your home, contact Trappro at 301-218-1100!

Raccoons Found an Opening to Your Attic in Jessup, MD

Spring time is just around the corner, and it is core breeding season for raccoons! Raccoons may look for large, accessible openings around the attics or roof line of your home. Trappro will safely remove the raccoons, clean up the mess and can provide repairs to prevent them from reentering. Contact us today at 301-218-1100!

Squirrel Making Loud Noises at Night in Clarksville, MD Attic

“Had loud noises at night and skittering coming from my attic with an odor in the ceiling. Trappro correctly figured out it was a squirrel problem and helped evacuate the live ones and remove the one who died. Great service start to finish and very reasonable prices.”
– Ethan L. in Clarksville, MD

Hearing noises in the attic, scratching in the walls or strange sounds in the vents? Call Trappro today at 301-218-1100 for humane animal removal, cleanup, and repairs.

Squirrels Damaging Your Roofline and Entering Your Crownsville, MD Home?

Squirrels love to enter attics and sheds, chewing openings and causing damage to parts of the home’s roofline. Our team will safely remove the squirrels, clean up the mess and can provide repairs to prevent them from reentering. Do you hear noises in the attic, scratching in the walls or strange sounds in the vents? Call Trappro today at 301-218-1100 for humane animal trapping, animal removal, cleanup, and repairs.

Raccoons Entered Your Anne Arundel County Home?

Hearing things go bump in the night? It may be a nocturnal intruder that you weren’t expecting – raccoons! Raccoons look for accessible openings to gain easy access into attics and basements of the home. In addition to our removal services, our professional technicians will seal up holes in the attic or walls, preventing future re-entry. Contact Trappro at 301-218-1100!

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