Hearing Squirrel Sounds in Your Odenton, MD Home?

April 22, 2020

Hearing odd noises in your Odenton, MD home during the day? Squirrels are typically active throughout the daytime hours and often use a number of gestures and sounds to converse with one another, similar to mice or rats. They don’t need an existing opening to gain entry into a structure – they can chew their way in. Contact Trappro at (800) 651-TRAP (8727) and we’ll form a plan for your squirrel removal and repairs to prevent future re-entry.

Squirrel Removal from Roofing and Walls in Bethesda, MD

March 18, 2020

“We noticed a strange scratching noise coming from inside the upstairs wall of our house. Within a day of placing traps on our roof, Trappro captured the problem squirrel that had found a way to get through our roof apex and was doing something noisy inside the wall at various times of the day. Their carefully-placed traps also caught another squirrel on the roof that was likely part of the problem. The Trappro technicians were very efficient and professional in all of their dealing with us. I would strongly recommend their services.”
– John in Bethesda, MD

If you’re noticing strange noises in your walls at odd times, it may be an unwanted animal visitor. Let the Trappro team take care of the problem and schedule a first consultation with us at (800) 651-8727.

Squirrel Intrusion in Odenton, MD

March 10, 2020

Along with the disturbance from their scratching noises, the other tell-tale signs that squirrels are in your home is their penchant for chewing everything. They will not only chew for entry into the home, but they will also chew on electric and utility wires, drywall, wood, and other materials. Once they are finished chewing through one particular area, they will move on to a new area to chew. Let Trappro protect your Odenton, MD home from squirrel intrusion and destruction! Give us a call at 1-800-651-TRAP (8727).

Discovering Critters in New Bethesda, MD Home

January 28, 2020

“I’ve been impressed throughout the process of settling into our new home, discovering all the other creatures that already considered this house their home, and working with the Trappro crew to figure out humane ways to help the other creatures leave me be. We had active entrenched squirrels, mice and even rats. Yikes! The pros checked on the traps and did the work even in the coldest drizzly weather. Since the project wrapped up, I’ve not seen or heard evidence of any of our previous unintentional housemates. Thank you, Trappro!”
– L.E in Bethesda, MD

Have more than one type of animal intruder? Call Trappro at (800) 651-TRAP (8727) to begin your plan for humane animal removal.

Squirrel Chew Their Way Into Your Laurel, MD Home?

January 21, 2020

Hearing noises in the walls? It’s possible that it’s an animal intruder, seeking refuge from these winter temperatures. Squirrels can make their own entryway by chewing a hole through the structure, seeking warmth and shelter. Let our staff help plan for the removal, repairs, and clean up after. For humane animal removal this winter in Laurel, MD, reach Trappro at (800) 651-TRAP (8727).

The Odd Noises in the Attic isn’t Santa

December 9, 2019

Hearing odd noises in your attic late at night? That’s not Santa arriving early; there could be animals nesting up there. If you have any damage to your roof or vents, they become a possible entry into your home by birds, bats, squirrels, or raccoons. The Trappro staff is trained and experienced in trapping, repairing, and setting up prevention of future animal break-ins. For your humane animal trapping in Glen Burnie, MD, call Trappro at 1-800-651-TRAP (8727).

Roof Line Damage Can Be An Entry Point for Animals

November 26, 2019

“I had squirrels in the attic. During the inspection, we found out I also had a bat infestation. Trappro trapped all the critters out of the attic and sealed the roof line to keep them out. I didn’t have to do anything! They’re the best in pest control.”
– S.M in Columbia, MD

Damage to your roof line creating possible entry points into your home for animals? Let the professionals at Trappro handle it! Schedule with us at (800) 651-TRAP (8727).

Cozy, Warm Home Inviting to Animal Intruders?

November 18, 2019

Your cozy, warm home may seem inviting to animal intruders during these cold months. Whether it’s through the basement, attic, or outside walls, Trappro will help determine where the critter is making its entry, establish a plan for humane removal, and will clean up and repair after. Don’t let squirrels in the attic scare away your guests this holiday in Annapolis, MD and call us at (800) 651-TRAP (8727). One call traps all!

The Clamoring in Your Attic Could Be Squirrels!

October 22, 2019

“Trappro confirmed that we had a squirrel infestation in our attic. We contracted with them to do this important job start to finish which included cleaning up the attic, re-insulating, replacing our attic fan, and re-screening a gap on our chimney. Very impressed and would highly recommend!”
– Angela L. in Columbia, MD

Fear that the clamoring in your attic may be due to squirrels that snuck into your home? Call Trappro at (800) 651-TRAP (8727)!

Squirrel Problem in Olney, MD Basement

September 20, 2019

“I met with the Trappro technician to take care of a squirrel problem in our basement. He was professional and quite knowledgeable. He located the squirrel (thank goodness it was only one) and set a trap in order to catch it. He then found that she entered our home through the chimney. I would recommend Trappro anytime! I was very satisfied with the service.”
– C.R in Olney, MD

We’ll not only humanely trap squirrels or whichever outdoor creature made its way into your home, but will locate the point of entry and prevent future invasions. Contact Trappro soon!

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