Can You Spot the Signs that an Animal is in Your Bethesda, MD Home?

What are signs that a wild animal has made its way into your home? Damage to the attic insulation, gaps in the vents or roofing, droppings in the corner, strange noises in the wall or attic – these are all possible signs of an animal intrusion. If you suspect that an animal (squirrel, raccoon, mice, snake, etc) is in your Bethesda, MD home, contact Trappro today!

Cooler Temperatures May Have Animals Eyeing Your Home in Rockville, MD

Cooler temperatures mean that critters will be looking at your warm home for refuge. If you have gaps or damage around your home, they may become future entry ways. Trappro provides excellent trapping services, but also specializes in repairing and renovating damaged areas – this includes resealing areas to prevent re-entry. Contact Trappro today for your humane wildlife exclusion and trapping in Rockville, MD!

Groundhog Living Underneath Your Deck?

Suspect that a groundhog may have made your deck its shelter? They’ll search for an entry point in to any structure to gain entry for warmth, shelter or breeding purposes. Ground level openings are the main concern as we rarely see Groundhogs in an area above ground. Contact Trappro today for your humane groundhog removal in Crofton, MD!

Humanely Capturing a Rogue Squirrel in a Church in Columbia, MD

“I called in a panic because a squirrel had dashed into our church through the open front door. The representative who answered the phone could hear the panic in my voice as I explained that we had a church service that evening. She reassured me that help would come soon to evict the squirrel. The tech arrived that night to set up 3 traps and explain the process. The next afternoon, he came back to discover that the trap caught the squirrel! Everyone at Trappro was professional and compassionate.” – M.K. in Columbia, MD

Trappro will work with your schedule to provide timely service! We understand the inconvenience that a wildlife intrusion can place on a community space. Contact us today for efficient and humane wildlife removal.

Bats Roosting in Your Clarksville, MD Attic?

Did you know that bats love to roost in attics, sheds and barns? While they are feared for being disease-carriers, bats are still federally protected and necessary for the environment due to their pollination and seed spreading ability. Humane removal by a professional is necessary for a bat infestation. Trappro deals with many bat cases every year – we know the proper techniques in trapping, removing, relocation, and clean up of the affected areas. Contact us today if you suspect there are bats in your Clarksville, MD attic.

Family of Squirrels in Potomac, MD Attic

“I saw signs of squirrel activity and took actions to install new soffit vents. However, there were squirrel babies in the attic and mama squirrel came back and began tearing up fascia. The professional from Trappro that came out was great! He was professional, focused on the solution, answered questions and quickly explained my problem and the remedy. Within 24 hours, we had mama and one baby in trap, with both removed next day to be relocated. I highly recommend Trappro!”
– D.B. in Potomac, MD

An entire squirrel family in the attic? Trappro has dealt with a variety of animals, especially squirrels, for many years and knows how to capture, safely relocate them, and repair the damage to your home! Contact us today.

Tackling Your Wildlife Intrusion Problem in Silver Spring, MD Head On

Setting traps around your home to catch the critter that made its way inside and wondering why they’re not taking the bait? The Trappro team has skilled, trained technicians who have knowledge of animal habits and will set up successful humane trapping. We will also tackle the problem areas head on and seal entry ways, preventing future wildlife break-ins. Contact Trappro today for your humane wildlife capture in Silver Spring, MD.

Damage or Cracks in Roofing in Silver Spring, MD?

Noticing damage or cracks in your roofing in Silver Spring, MD? It could be from an animal gaining entry into your attic. If you’re nervous to investigate on your own, call Trappro today! We’ll send out a technician who will develop the best plan in humane removal, prevention of future entry, clean up, and repairs.

Bat Removal in Clarksville, MD

“Trappro was great! They worked on getting rid of our bat problem until they were completely gone. The second time they came back they worked with no charges to us and remedied the problem. They were extremely professional and I would highly recommend them to anyone with wildlife issues invading their home space. Thanks again Trappro.”
– D.M. in Clarksville, MD

Whether it’s bats, squirrels or raccoons in the attic, Trappro gets the job done! Contact us today about your humane wildlife removal and repairs to prevent further entry into your home.

We’ll Replace the Insulation Damaged After Animal Removal

Seeing serious insulation damage after the removal of a trapped animal in your Laurel, MD attic? Along with humane animal removal, we will also safely remove insulation from attics and replace with new blown in insulation after clean up. Contact Trappro today!

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