Mice in Bowie, MD Attic

January 13, 2020

“We had evidence of mice in the attic and the trick to solving the problem is finding out how they get in. The professionals from Trappro were prompt, thorough and professional. They nailed it. I was impressed!”
– E.R in Bowie, MD

Are mice wreaking havoc in your attic? They can create damage to the wood, droppings on the insulation, and just general unrest in the house from their little noises. Call Trappro at (800) 651-TRAP (8727).

Pest Problem Return in Crofton, MD?

December 31, 2019

Have a pest problem that came back? Repairs are important after the removal of an animal pest, as it prevents future entry. Trappro does it all! The removal, clean up, repair, and prevention plan! If you suspect that the squirrels, mice, or other pests are back in your Crofton, MD home again, call us at (800) 651-TRAP (8727).

Mice Removal and Repairs in Derwood, MD

December 17, 2019

“It was 4:30 AM and I woke to the sound of something chewing on wood in the attic above me. I called Trappro the next morning and the technician arrived early for the two hour window I was provided. He was considerate of my carpeting and put on shoe covers. After explaining the noise, he went into the attic and confirmed I had a mouse problem. He installed traps in the attic and basement. He then inspected the exterior to locate their points of entry and recommend where I should seal gaps. I opted to let Trappro perform the exterior sealing as the price was fair and I wanted it done right. I highly recommend Trappro for all of your pest control needs and I will refer them.”
– H.W in Derwood, MD

We love the great feedback! For your animal removal needs, call Trappro at (800) 651-TRAP (8727).

The Odd Noises in the Attic isn’t Santa

December 9, 2019

Hearing odd noises in your attic late at night? That’s not Santa arriving early; there could be animals nesting up there. If you have any damage to your roof or vents, they become a possible entry into your home by birds, bats, squirrels, or raccoons. The Trappro staff is trained and experienced in trapping, repairing, and setting up prevention of future animal break-ins. For your humane animal trapping in Glen Burnie, MD, call Trappro at 1-800-651-TRAP (8727).

Roof Line Damage Can Be An Entry Point for Animals

November 26, 2019

“I had squirrels in the attic. During the inspection, we found out I also had a bat infestation. Trappro trapped all the critters out of the attic and sealed the roof line to keep them out. I didn’t have to do anything! They’re the best in pest control.”
– S.M in Columbia, MD

Damage to your roof line creating possible entry points into your home for animals? Let the professionals at Trappro handle it! Schedule with us at (800) 651-TRAP (8727).

Cozy, Warm Home Inviting to Animal Intruders?

November 18, 2019

Your cozy, warm home may seem inviting to animal intruders during these cold months. Whether it’s through the basement, attic, or outside walls, Trappro will help determine where the critter is making its entry, establish a plan for humane removal, and will clean up and repair after. Don’t let squirrels in the attic scare away your guests this holiday in Annapolis, MD and call us at (800) 651-TRAP (8727). One call traps all!

Bats Removal and Wildlife Issues in Beltsville, MD

November 11, 2019

“Trappro was great! They worked on getting rid of our bat problem until they were completely gone. They were extremely professional, and I would highly recommend them to anyone with wildlife issues invading their home space. Thank you again, Trappro!”
– H.R in Beltsville, MD

Have a bat problem in your attic? We’ll handle the removal, clean up, repairs, and prevention after. Contact Trappro at (800) 651-TRAP (8727)!

The Noises in the Attic Aren’t Ghosts!

October 31, 2019

Strange noises in the attic at odd hours? Don’t chalk it up to ghosts overstaying their Halloween visit – it could be an animal intruder. For many years, Trappro has dealt with squirrels, raccoons, bats, birds, and other critters that have managed to squeeze by your home’s vents or cracks. For your animal removal plan in Crofton, MD, contact us at (800) 651-TRAP (8727).

The Clamoring in Your Attic Could Be Squirrels!

October 22, 2019

“Trappro confirmed that we had a squirrel infestation in our attic. We contracted with them to do this important job start to finish which included cleaning up the attic, re-insulating, replacing our attic fan, and re-screening a gap on our chimney. Very impressed and would highly recommend!”
– Angela L. in Columbia, MD

Fear that the clamoring in your attic may be due to squirrels that snuck into your home? Call Trappro at (800) 651-TRAP (8727)!

Spooky, Mysterious Sounds Coming from the Attic?

October 14, 2019

Hearing spooky, mysterious sounds coming from the attic? Bats love to roost in the attics of homes, sheds and barns. Their feces should not be handled without gloves and safe attire. Our technicians are trained in the humane removal of bats from your home, as well as the clean up and repairs needed after. For your bat removal in Anne Arundel County, contact Trappro at 1-800-651-TRAP (8727).

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