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Squirrels Humanely Removed and All Entry Ways Sealed

“Last Fall, I discovered squirrels living in my attic. I was not sure if they had already nested, so I wanted quick action. Trappro showed up on time, were very professional, placed and monitored the traps. They left me a report detailing that they trapped 3 squirrels and then offered to seal the hole permanently. I haven’t had a problem since then. I recommend them highly!”
– P.L. in Odenton, MD

Whether squirrels have just arrived in your attic or they’ve been there for a while, Trappro is prepared to come up with an action plan to humanely trap and remove them. Contact us today for squirrel or other wildlife removal.

Repairing Insulation in Rockville, MD Attic After Animal Intrusion

Is the insulation in your attic ruined because of a recent animal intrusion? Trappro not only provides humane animal removal services, but will also do repair and clean up after the animal is gone. This includes removing the damaged insulation and replacing it with new blow in insulation. For your wildlife intrusion concerns in Rockville, MD, contact Trappro today!

Raccoon in Attic Humanely Trapped in Columbia, MD

“We had a critter in our attic and were pretty sure it was a raccoon. I scheduled an appointment for Trappro to come out. They set up a trap on the roof and a reverse trap coming out of the attic vent, and then they came out every morning to check the traps. After about 5 days, the raccoon was in the trap! We then scheduled them to come out and disinfect the attic and cover the attic vent with a heavy duty mesh. We highly recommend Trappro!”
– L.G. in Columbia, MD

Whether the critter in your attic is a squirrel, raccoon, or bat – we’ve got the experienced team to handle it! Contact Trappro today for humane wildlife trapping and removal.

Spot Signs of Rodent Visitors in the Kitchen?

Seeing signs of rats or mice around the kitchen? If you see droppings around the corners of the counter or hear noises behind the stove – you may have a rodent issue. Trappro has resolved many mice and rodent cases, and are your premier exclusion trapping experts. Contact us today for humane wildlife removal in Clarksville, MD!

Pigeons in Crofton, MD Vents

“Thank you for the professional and prompt service. I am very happy with the work done and the service – and I didn’t see any sign of pigeons from last night. Will keep your company in mind for any future issues, and recommend to friends if the need arises.”
– K.L in Crofton, MD

Birds find their way into your vent? We’ll resolve it for you with our humane trapping and follow up with prevention services after. Contact Trappro today!

Can You Spot the Signs that an Animal is in Your Bethesda, MD Home?

What are signs that a wild animal has made its way into your home? Damage to the attic insulation, gaps in the vents or roofing, droppings in the corner, strange noises in the wall or attic – these are all possible signs of an animal intrusion. If you suspect that an animal (squirrel, raccoon, mice, snake, etc) is in your Bethesda, MD home, contact Trappro today!

Bats Removed from Odenton, MD Residence

“Trappro was great! They worked on getting rid of our bat problem until they were completely gone. The second time they came back, they worked with no charges to us and remedied the problem. They were extremely professional and I would highly recommend them to anyone with wildlife issues invading their home space. Thanks again, Trappro!”
– D.M. in Odenton, MD

We will work with you until your wildlife issue is resolved! Contact Trappro today if you suspect there are bats or other wildlife in your home.

Cooler Temperatures May Have Animals Eyeing Your Home in Rockville, MD

Cooler temperatures mean that critters will be looking at your warm home for refuge. If you have gaps or damage around your home, they may become future entry ways. Trappro provides excellent trapping services, but also specializes in repairing and renovating damaged areas – this includes resealing areas to prevent re-entry. Contact Trappro today for your humane wildlife exclusion and trapping in Rockville, MD!

Groundhog Living Underneath Your Deck?

Suspect that a groundhog may have made your deck its shelter? They’ll search for an entry point in to any structure to gain entry for warmth, shelter or breeding purposes. Ground level openings are the main concern as we rarely see Groundhogs in an area above ground. Contact Trappro today for your humane groundhog removal in Crofton, MD!